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  1. Our group promos are 100% Free to join – always. There are optional features that we offer, which help us continue to bring authors together each month for the next promos.
  2. Please share the promo in your newsletter.
  3. Please post a link to your newsletter on the official post for the promo in the facebook group. If you are not a member yet, please click HERE.
  4. Please do not submit the same book two months in a row for ebook giveaways or $0.99 promos. (Our system checks) 
  5. One book per author, per promo.
  6. Like the facebook discussion post for each promo you join. It will be at the beginning of the form. (Join the group if needed)
  7. Please accept the google calendar invite that comes in your email.
  8. IF IT IS A THEMED PROMO: Your book must contain at least one of the themes in the promo title. 


Your book can be free or .99 for the “Bargain Sales”. As always you can link to your subscriber magnet or to a retailer.

Your book must be FREE for the entire length of the “Giveaways”. As always you can link to your subscriber magnet or to a retailer.




About Our Group Promos

Since they are free, all we ask is that you share the promo’s in your newsletter. Our giveaways average 30 books, and 160k subscriber reach with 145+ clicks per book, and 8,800 clicks overall. We track all clicks, to include author shares, and have had a 93 -95% author share rate as a result. So you can be sure that you wont be the only one doing your part. We all work together toward the common goal of subscribers/downloads/sales here. 🙂

If you have any questions, be sure and stop by our facebook group and ask. It’s still small, because we keep it exclusive to our giveaway and promo authors. Of course, you can always contact us with your questions as well.

For our giveaways, all FREE books, short stories, and previews from the appropriate genres are accepted. There is no minimum list size or cost to join. Same goes for our $0.99 Group Sales. If you want a featured spot in either one, be sure to grab it now. Typically they do not last past early signup.

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