#WorldBuilding series: World Building Basics, by DC Fergerson


Our first video on world building! These are the guiding principals that built D.C. Fergerson and CJ Perry’s world. The video will be a first in a series and will be aimed at helping new and veteran D&D players, novelists, and short story writers alike create worlds that suspend disbelief and draw in their readers and players.

Be sure to like and subscribe to D.C. Fergerson’s YouTube channel to get new videos and updates as they come out. This information is invaluable, whether you are new to world building, or veteran creators like us.

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#CoverReveal for Rise of The Shadowalker coming soon!


Click to see the full cover and get a sneak preview of Rise of The Shadowalker.Rise of the Shadowwalker sketch2 08_08 zoomed in

I asked Aleksandra Klepacka to create the cover for Dark Communion. We worked closely together for two weeks. I shared my vision, and she created the art, all the while, tolerating my very picky requests. Below, is the progression, update by update.

To witness Alex’s work in progress was truly amazing.¬†Below is the previous progression of Alex’s work on the cover for Dark Communion. To see the full size image, just click on one, or …

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The Singer and the Charlatan by DC Fergerson



5 Star Reviews
“OF COURSE I have to buy the next book in the series when it comes out! Lots of action, magic.”

“For those tabletop gamers out there, you will definitely get a sense of sitting around the game table, waiting for the next roll of the dice.”

“This one was the start of something really weird, to say the least. Charms and curses seem to be the rule not the exception.”

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Map of Loatia, Godswar Campaign Setting


The map is still undergoing some changes as of 6/12/17. When it was first drawn, some of the distances were a bit unrealistic.

Some Facts:

  1. The World of Loatia is roughly the size of Earth
  2. This continent is 3150 miles North to South.
  3. There are two known continents
  4. In the Broken Lands magic functions as “Wild Magic” and the gods cannot see into it or answer prayers of any faithful within its boundary.

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