The #HookReview FAQ

Authors can click HERE to sign up for a #HookReview.

(But please read the FAQ when you have a moment.)

Please note: This is a FANTASY review site. 

What is a #HookReview?

  • It’s me looking for a book to read each week. Whether you are a casual reader or a seasoned agent, you filter through books to find the right one for you. I’ve decided to document that filtering process as it happens for me. I say why they got my attention. Then I talk about whether it hooked me or not and why.
  • The Hook Reviews are short, to the point, and honest. Depending on how many I look at that day, it might be two sentences or 500 words.
  • I choose my favorites and ask visitors to vote on which one I read. The poll will be in a pinned post, and runs Monday to Sunday. The review for the winners of those polls will be reviewed on Fridays.

What does that do for me?

  • For authors:
    • I will post any positive #HookReview to my 3000+ active and non-purchased twitter followers the day the review is published.
    • A chance to be the featured full review of the week.
      • That review is posted on Amazon, Goodreads, & Smashwords
    • A chance to win an Amazon gift card.
  • For Readers:
    • You get to choose which book I review.
    • I will read it and email you with a review once a week.
    • A chance to win an Amazon gift card.

How do I get a full review?

  • Get a #HookReview first. I choose my favorite Hook Reviews each week to be voted on by visitors. The book with the most votes gets read and reviewed by me.

Will you do a HookReview on every book submitted?

  • Yes.

How do I get a #HookReview?

  • First, have a well-written, professional-looking, FANTASY book available on Amazon.
  • Second, sign up on my site HERE.
    • This review is free. The promotion is free. All I ask in return is that you allow me to send you an email once a week, and that you share your the review in that email.