The Return of Newsletter Swap Digest

For the 200+ authors that used it, NSD provided a much-needed service. Finding newsletter swaps always feels, for me at least, like a sh*tty scavenger hunt. I search about 8-10 facebook groups, and at least three different websites and then wait for responses, and check back daily. Ugh... what a slog. Thankfully, Mailerlite is now back in the game and stronger than ever. So now, it's coming back -- for me as much as for anyone else. And the even better news is, it gave me an opportunity to recreate and streamline the service a bit.  Here's how it will work this time around...

Our first video on world building! These are the guiding principals that built D.C. Fergerson and CJ Perry's world. The video will be a first in a series and will be aimed at helping new and veteran D&D players, novelists, and short story writers alike create worlds that suspend disbelief and draw in their readers... Continue Reading →

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