A #HookReview of DAWN OF THE PHOENIX by A.J. Strickler

“The first chapter starts with action and it drew me in fast.”


DAWN OF THE PHOENIX caught my eye, partly because it was in the number three slot of paid #DarkFantasy. The cover looked professional and the flames on the front really caught my eye. It also only had 2 reviews, so I figured I’d take a look. The blurb was a bit long and I didn’t care for it. But, I popped open the sample anyway and what hit me first was the book’s formatting  – pro level for sure. Looks great. The first chapter starts with action and it drew me in fast.

Didnt get very far though, as I could not really see the characters or setting in my head fast enough. Based on my personal preference of writing style, it’s a maybe for me. Check it out for yourself.

If anyone else has an opinion, I would love to hear it. Just comment below.


What is a #HookReview?

  • It’s me looking for a book to read each week. I’ve decided to document the filtering process as it happens for me and allow people to help me choose.

  • I choose my favorites and ask visitors to vote on which one I read. The poll will be in a pinned post, and runs Monday morning to Sunday morning (EST). The review for the winners of those polls will be reviewed on Fridays.

Author: CJPerry

Stay at home parent of 2 girls, 4 and 16. Struggling writer. Thats me.

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